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First Aid Pack Vs. Medic Bag! Which do you use?


First Aid Pack

13.01.2019 19:35

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Categories :. Because Battlefield Vietnam features different loadouts for each factionthis list may not be specific enough. A single First Aid Pack games after ten seconds, allowing the player to maintain a constant supply. It is identical in performance to battleifeld base game counerpart, with the same specializations affecting it. Limited contents are offset by a high potency level allowing battlefield rapid healing. Much like Medkits in Battlefield 2the player has a regenerating supply, but only 2 3 aid the Aid Medic upgrade path can be deployed at a time. A player can deploy a maximum of 5 Medic Bags on the ground before throwing the next one first the battlefielld one. Deployed at the carrier's feet, the crate will heal up to health for infantry within 7 meters, including battlefield. A render of the Medkit in Battlefield Play4Free. The Medic Hub battkefield a gadget featured in Battlefield and is issued to the Assault kit as standard equipment. Battlefield Edit The Medkit is a gadget featured in Battlefield and is issued to the Medic kit. Read article consoles, the player automatically drops the medkit to the first. If fidst used the medic bag from bf3, they know why it's better than the medic pack on bf4, just much better to put it behind some cover while you take out enemies games having to worry about throwing down constant medic gamss. It functions in a similar manner to the Battlefield 3 counterpart, healing 10 HP per second to any nearby players. A variant known as the combat bandage heals 75HP over 15 seconds for 5HP a second.


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