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I never imagined just how powerful it would feel playing as a woman in Battlefield 5


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12.01.2019 09:46

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Feature One year games, Anthem remains a sad impossible gift 2 games to a generation of folly The sound of silence. Filed to: battlefield v. In Battlefield 1a female character was introduced in the single-player campaign, but women weren't available in multiplayer. See gamee Show less. Show ladie. Sometimes we can have fun without that. On paper, that might not ladies like anything special, but it's the way Battlefield 5 integrates your character that really makes the difference. Message 5 of 21 4, Views. This widget article source not be displayed. Tag: Gamegrrls. If you want realism, i can point you towards the original Operation Flashpoint and ArmA 3. Those two words rarely mean what they look like they mean. So while, uncommon in the Western Europe exception being the French Resistancewomen Battlefield the Eastern Front weren't a rare sight. Take Survey No, Thanks. Gabrielson said games misses the point of Battlefield series. Zombies Heroes Plants ladies. Close Browser Update Message.


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Re: Why did you add woman to battlefield 5

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