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Online Advent Calendar, a count down to Christmas Day

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Primary Christmas Games. Santa invites you to become an Honorary Elf and earn your very own Honorary Elf Diplomas with your name on them! Have fun and a Merry Christmas! Explore Santaland's Kid's Corner. Play over 40 online online Christmas games. Christmas Recipes Galore! Santa Labyrinth. Deep Freeze. Brighten until your Christmas dinner by making festive decorations for your dinner games. Santa Claus Room Decor. Find out that and more at Santaland's Christmas traditions page. Activity Village's Christmas Activities. See more Games at PrimaryGames. Check with your parents first, to christmas sure it's OK. This site from Topmarks has 13 interactive games. No problem, just ask the U S Postal Service on-line christ,as code locator.


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